Friday, December 31, 2010

31 Dec 2010

Day three without my beloved TB ...

Today is the last day of 2010 and i get wait to get this over . GOODBYE 2010 !!!!

the year of 2010 seriously suck big time . anyway how and where your going to spend this special day count down ?

baby spend with his friends at doll house and i was at Mana Mana East Coast Club . quite a atas and good chilling place , you can even see the firework right over there , did not manage to get the photo cox there too much people and blocked the night scene beside that i hate taking photo with a my camera ;P

Spended $51 dollar just on one round trip back , dame heartpain la ! the terrible thing is that super hard to get a cab home ;( waited 30 min and meet baby right under my block , such a sweet fellow ;) had 3 pack of noodle at home and accompany baby back amk cox ah cong is drunk and sleep at bus stop -.- !

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