Wednesday, September 17, 2014


when you growing older each days , your responsibility getting heavier  and soon you lost what you really want in life . YOUR G.O.A.L . 

you forced to do something that you are not interested in , not happy about and you have no choices  . living my life like this make me feel so moody , feeling tried and tired everyday till i have no mood on blogging , pack my room and even doll up myself . it feel so terrible and this is life ;)  


  • Set a goal and start work toward it . even it just a simple one 
  • Travel at least once in a year , so that you got something to look forward ?  
  • Think positive 

work hard , play hard !

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Port Dickson

A impromptu trip with baobei and her BF :)
yes she finally attached . hahaha .

Love this place even here don't have clear blue sea like boracay but cheap food cheap massage !!! 

we are staying at GRAND LEXI ;D
Morning low tide view from above the sea villa . 

our mini pool , booked the garden villa very last min as all villa is FULL . 
 it just 2.3hr to 3 hr drive away from sg so over here you still can saw alot singaporean, so it quite safe compare to JB .  
guess what , this meal only costed us SGD 24 dollar ?! that really super cheap la ! 

Near the resort , there family karaoke . Nearby ( 5min drive) there a big supermarket and food heaven . there have all kind of foods that cure your craving .


Thursday, March 06, 2014


一转眼之间,2013年就过去了,在年末,十二星座们可是一点都没有闲着。有的星座忙于各种各样的工作总结,而有的星座则计划着对心上人进行猛烈的攻势,企图实现年末大逆袭。,你知道十二星座们在2014年都在打着什么样的小算盘吗?下面星座网就为大家盘点盘点,一起先看 看2014年狮子座的重要计划吧。供参考!




Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Instagram username


i am trying to standardize all my username  ;)
please follow my instagram if u have not done so !


Sunday, February 09, 2014


YES finally i get my ass up and did a update on my recent trip (22JAN-26JAN'14) ! If u having following my instagram @OPHELIA89 or Facebook , you will found out that last month i had been traveled to this amazing place called Boracay located at a island of Philippines

Boracay is a tropical island surrounded by stunning white sand beaches about an hour's flight from cebu or manila just off the larger  Philippines island of  Panay .For beach connoisseurs it competes with the best beaches of more popular destinations such as the Caribbean and the south pacific as well as neighbouring Thailand , Malaysia and Indonesia  . 

we booked two different hotel for following trip . this is the first one we stayed in -Riesling boracay beach resort . 

The Rieseling is a nice and quiet hotel right on the beach. It's about a 15-minute walk from the happening area of D'Mall and Station 1, 2 and 3 as it is on the opposite side on Bolabog Beach. If you take a tuk tuk tricycle, it costs 100 pesos ( sgd 2.9) to go there.

Bolabog Beach is where most of the water sports happen and you also see a number of boats parked right by the beach.The hotel rooms are spacious, functional and clean. Nice bathroom. Nothing special, but solid.Small infinity-style pool right outside the room and the Service was friendly.

The Second hotel is 7 Stone located more convenience than the first one and it located at station 2 where all the water sports activity are !

The place was beautiful and Easy walk to White Beach and D Mall. Nice location on Bulabog Beach with great pool and view of Bay from the pool. Rooms are suites roomy and well equipped with all up to date electronics and they have the best massage i have so far ! must try !!!!!

Just right outside the 7STONE . 

Heading out to have our water sport activity :) 

  photo taken before we headed to Hamlet Diving .

 one of the island ( cant remember what the island called ) we departure while we doing island hopping ^^ .
Selfie ;))

Just right outside Riesling boracay beach resort .  (Bolabog Beach)

look amazing even at night !

some friendly local and korean people we met there  and had our dinner at Nagisa coffee shop
it a japanese cabana located at station 3 .

for station is more more quiet and peace at night and darker ! so we actually can see more stars over there ;)

Credited to pie ( summary the useful tips if u intend to go boracay)

1) You should go for at least 5D4N cos travelling will take you about 2 days.

2) Travelling to Boracay- ~4hrs flight, 2-3hrs land transfter, 10mins ferry, tricycle to hotel. Whole journey will take up almost the whole day. On the day of our return, our transport picked us up at 9.30am when our flight was at 4pm. We only reached sg ard 8pm. Hate the travelling part..

3) We bought the land transfer+ferry+tricycle tickets on the plane (Tiger Air). We saved a lot of trouble cos there's other fees like terminal fee etc. *It is cheaper to pay in peso. Company- Southwest

4) We stayed at Rieseling Resort & 7Stones Boracay Suites. I recommend 7Stones because it is closer to the beach at Station 2 where most activities take place. Check out the hotels in Station 1. The beach there is beautiful! The sand is ultra soft and white! If you are looking for a hotel that is more affordable, check out Island Nook Boracay Boutique Hotel! It is located within Station 2. Friendly owners and you can book island hopping through them so you won't get ripped off by the others.

5) Food wise- Try Messa, Smoke Resto, Lemoni Cafe (Brunch), D'Talipapa Market, Real Coffee & Tea. For drinking, you can go to Epic. It is probably the most happening pub/club there.
D'Talipapa Market has an interesting concept. You choose the seafood, meat, veg that you want. After purchasing, you enter any restaurant nearby and they will cook it. We spent about SGD$80 for that meal. I don't fancy the food but it's a good experience though. Rmb to bargain!

6) We wanted to go to Crystal Cove, Puka Beach and Ariel's point but the current was too strong so we didn't in the end. Do check out if you are going. Go for parasailing during sunset (SUPER PRETTY!!! Approx 1500 peso each), helmet diving(it's ok~), island hopping (Check out the islands you wish to visit and ask the boatman if the weather is ok for you to go that day. We paid about $1600 peso each for island hopping.)

7) Check out the weather before you go. When we went there, the wind was blowing almost every second especially at night. Bring a jacket!

8) Nothing much to buy there though. They have pretty bikinis but the prices are almost the same as SG.

9) In total, we spent about SGD$1.3K each for hotel, air tics, expenses. Don't ask me how much hotel / air tic is cos I can't rmb. Air Tic- Tiger Air, Hotel-
My bf found this link which I find it really useful:

* MORE PIC on facebook :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Feeling differently .

When growing older and being more mature thinking , you start see the world differently and that I have to agree to it . I feeling so black and white recently no matter how hard I tried to shake it off , I will never contend or learn to be more appreciated with everything's around me . Maybe because I  just thinking to negatively !

Seeing the beloved family's member getting older everyday days , best friend getting married and becoming mother , work getting stressed everyday as everyone expected you to be more independent , growing into a real adult and facing adult problems . This is life and I stepped into second quarter of my life  , sad to say but have to admit it . 

Ps - I always believed you can control and change to have a better life !

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Feeling young (ZOO+ River safari)

Young in heart ^^ .

Spending my holiday and the very first day of 2014 at Zoo and river safari .
Zoo a place where i came 3 time of my life and regretted 3 time due to the weather and non stop walking .Swearing not to come anymore but here i am on my 4th time journey =P  . i really hope this time will be better at least more windy please !

Bring the kid and relative from neighboring country to visit both Zoo +  river safari on the very same day as my colleague said river safari not much to see ( can just finish everything in 2 to 3 hr ) so i decided to arrange both together and it a wrong decision . Everything just to rush for us and i cant complete safari ;(

zoo changed alot over the years , it improving and getting better but still food and drinks over there quite pricey . 

 feel so peaceful by just looking at it . keep walking ~

Ending 13 stepping into 14

Ending the year of snake , make me did a lot reflection of this hectic year . 
i never did enough and wasted another year off . did you ? 

This year i doing something different comparing to the previous few year by staying at home avoiding the crowd or working my eve off , this always my plan of celebrating nye after i 19 year old . Mr R decided to pull me out of my comfort zone and we headed to marina bay floating platform for a celebration of Singapore Television's 50th anniversary (Mediacorp) , celebrate tv50 countdown party .

The show started at 8 pm but i was there only 10 plus  as i treating parent and relative dinner . 
it just feeling so good that all the love of siting down together having a perfect meal of the day ;) 

My first time celebrating at the floating platform , the scenery really beautiful and very windy . it just so perfect when the performance started and the music just light up the whole the city .

  with the special guest ! the wanted and wang li hong ^^

^^ . 2014 is going to be better  and it is going to be !