Friday, April 13, 2012

13 April 2012

Friday the 13th .

Superstitious or true that it actaully mean to be a 'Sway' day ?
i dont really believe in such things as last two year(2010) my birthday falled on the friday of 13th .Nothing serious happened infact i kind of good Luck for the next whole year ;)

Safe and sounly passed another year of friday the 13th ! yeah ...

Today was a extremely boring day , time passed slow in office and having slight headache again .
No special plan for my friday night , just a simple dinner with baby boy at queentown ikea ;)
Bought a chair back as his old big dirty chair finally spoiled . He insist to get the full leather arm chair which cost $20 more from what we initial wanted to get , #actlikeaboss ! HAHAHAHA....  

ps -死并不恐怖,没了活下去的勇气才是最可怕的事

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