Sunday, December 16, 2012

Relax Sunday

^^ .....

Raining the whole morning and i decided to make some home made sushi ;)
i am a person who love baking and cooking but i not very talented on it .

well , passion win everythings .

this my first time making a sushi and i realised that rolling a sushi need super lot of skills !

as you can see that my seaweed wrapping skill is so bad that all the rice come out !!

After all it tasted not bad ! really lahs never bluff you  ;p
but it look totally so epic FAIL . neh ~

During evening time ( 4pm ) fetch esther at vivo and we headed to Safra Mount faber gym to have some work out . Than i realised that i forgot to bring my sport shoes out ;(

mr R fetch me to vivo to get a new pair of shoes and headed back gym . well spend of our time . we do some work out and head to swim  . i was so shy during the swiming session cox i was playing water at the baby pool with all the kids ;/ okay ! i dont really know how to swimming tat explain why i was at the baby pool . HAHAHHAHAHA ....

photo credit : esther cheng

Signing off
Ophelia wan

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