Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Feeling young (ZOO+ River safari)

Young in heart ^^ .

Spending my holiday and the very first day of 2014 at Zoo and river safari .
Zoo a place where i came 3 time of my life and regretted 3 time due to the weather and non stop walking .Swearing not to come anymore but here i am on my 4th time journey =P  . i really hope this time will be better at least more windy please !

Bring the kid and relative from neighboring country to visit both Zoo +  river safari on the very same day as my colleague said river safari not much to see ( can just finish everything in 2 to 3 hr ) so i decided to arrange both together and it a wrong decision . Everything just to rush for us and i cant complete safari ;(

zoo changed alot over the years , it improving and getting better but still food and drinks over there quite pricey . 

 feel so peaceful by just looking at it . keep walking ~

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