Monday, February 28, 2011

28 feb 2011

YAH ! the last day of the month and yet i still haven found a job. alright hope for march is going to be a wondeful month for me ;)

Recently been very less active on my blog and even my twitter , am i getting lazy or bored out ??? LOL . maybe one day i will just delete it away ! hahahas okay will see how again .

today is a super sinful , with no exercise but just food , snacks and beer ! meet up with yuka and mayne for dinner and K-ing session at town till midnight . i just can;t control myself from keep eating the two bowl of snake that provided .after that head to the one of the pub near by to chill out with beer , chincken wings and pizza ;) which alot ppl highly recommended but it just so normal !!! get cheated !

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