Wednesday, March 02, 2011

1 march 2011

please help me click on my nuffnang ! thanks ;)

First day of march , with a bad start !!!!!

today had a event with the girls , was so look forwarding to it since ytd but it a super disapointment ! should not discuss and said more it anymore . after that we went to Macdonald to had the 20 pcs chicken nugget and they having promotion ! buy 20 get 20 ;)) we had a durain first before we headed home !

baby been a super naughty boy today , go play basketball , dota , chatting with friends on some void deck and maybe playing some stupid war game on iphone !!!! wasted so many time and now went to rudy house watch soccer !!!!! TMD 

back home and had a little quarrel with daddy all thank to my sis . totally a useless bitch who only know how to play !!! dame pissed off with her , i will never be a kind soul to help her again more !!! discussed the taipei trips with ethel and phone with baby and we immediate booked the air tickets ! so taipei we are coming ~!!!!!! hahahs even though there still got 6 more months to go . hehehehe

ps : eighteen more days to bangkok with fats and baby !!!! this is the second time i going oversea with my beloved bff ;)

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