Monday, December 08, 2008

08 dec 08


Today wanted wake up early go bendemeer help out yanhong and penny .
but daddy and i over slept until 1 pm =.=

stupid wenjun say want accompany me go eat breakfast ,ended up also woke up late .
after i finished preparing myself , he still not ready yet . ;(
plus raining heavily , so i decided to cab down to typ central as i don't want to waste any more time waiting for him to come amk .

went to tpy central eat and he accompany me cabbed down bendemeer to work and he went meet his friend .

after work , zhi hao come to bendemeer fetch me and with " geraldine and " robin the mickey mouse . Found out that zhi hao is a 怪人. lols

when i wanted to put on the sit- belt , he reacted dame funny and give me a look like i did something wrong ! .he stop me from putting sit belt as he don't use to see ppl put it on and he will feel uneasy . =.=

we went to kotang there sing KTV . when we about to leave and wish to head back to amk meet wj . out of sudden , his friend come out and ask us go for a drink ..

$%^&*$( .......

in the end after meeting wj , reached home 3 plus .

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