Monday, December 22, 2008

22 dec 08


all thank to the bitch out there !
better go bang wall lahsx .....

today having my marketing exam at dhoby 10 am to 1 pm .
exam question came out totally the same as he given us !
excepted the last question .

but i did it badly ;(
i too execited to see all familiar question and then




don't know which question to do first
and what i read the whole night totally went blank . ;(

i only wrote one page for one question ! suckx .
study whole night still end up like that .

after the exam , received a sweet christmas present hand-maked
rabbit by camille . thank alot honey . i love it <3>

i now so bored at home .... zzzzzZZZZZZ .
hahas . found this website .


gonna share this with fatty rene . hehe .

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