Thursday, December 11, 2008

11 dec 08

MDIS management system is totally sux !

1. in two months changed more than 2 timetable w/o any notices .

2. barred from exam when not reached 90 % attendance . mean one one lesson to be missed .

3. any how barred student and reason given by staff is I DON'T KNOW . -.-

4. inform student 5 min before the actual timing .

5. in the message send wrong lecturer name .

6. write in email = talk to wall ?

maybe there more to go . disppaointed .

my new member . it not emo at all !

which badies is this that teach my bear smoke >.<

ytd den found out that my lesson started at afternoon 1-4.
when my timetable statues morning =.=
plus i overslept . when reached queentown it alreadi 3 pm .
den realised that class at dhoby ghaut =(

wahlao !

so go fetched cemille dhoby ghaut , while waiting for her .
received a sms from MDIS . inform us that 29 ppl been barred from
marketing exam . AND i one of them .

DAME IT . i only missed 2 lesson from the start =((


meet wj up at summerset at night .

i love ice cream yea ? lols

Went to takashimaya , wanted buy the pooh bear .
which i saw that time will cemille and jaymen.
but the look so lol . so i decided to look for around first .
and finally i saw this bearbear =D

do you know where i am ? haha
after that went to starbuck drink his favourite coffee >,<
see he serve my bear so good =)
can be a good 奶妈 . lol

bought two of it =D
so cute right ?

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