Thursday, May 13, 2010

13 may 2010

another sway day
thank to the fucking malay lady and LEE JUN LONG ! i never been meet such a no manner barbarian before , think back of their look really disgusting . PUI .

later having an interview at near by , hmmm should i go ?
now already 6AM and the interview at 9.30 lei .dunno can wake up ma . hahas

ytd after work frien fetched me to orchard k to meet huiching for some supper and chi-chat ! dame qiao is that he also driving a white lambo! dame nice la , totally fall in love with it . after that cabbed home and wasted 33 dollar including sending huiching homed . baby told me he coming over after studing at mid-night 6 am so i scared i cannot wake up open door for him so waited for him till 9am and he MIA 0.0. !!!!

sleep till 7 pm and prepared out meet huiching again for dinner at cien ! night BABY boy fetched me home :) and you know what he finally finish his paper le !!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEE .

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