Sunday, May 16, 2010

16 april 2010

FEVER again ;(
just hate how it feel , so terrible !

ytd meet baby up at noon time to shopshop and done a simple mani
bought two short which i like but cannot wear -.-maybe i too fat le ;( going donate to puiru lo.
went to sing K with baby till night 12 am and rushed home . fucking tired as i having fever and whole body ached !!!

love the days simply just spend with baby boy ^^ .

night baby cheaked the hotel in hongkong blah blah till 4 am and homed . wanted go continues watch some show but he dun allow and wanted me to sleep ! supposed to go ECP cycling today but i still having fucking fever morning and noon den feel better . so not the right time to go ;( now i going to watch the show now . meet baby at 4 pm and we went to fareast and bugis walk walk ;)

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