Saturday, June 12, 2010

12 June 2010

yeah ! it SATURDAY !!!!!!!

ytd id a crazy night and the start of world cup ^^ .

Doing some promo with christina .
the first place we reached alot ppl keep talk to us and take photo with us -..-
after that head to stella hub's bday at party world .the room was super big with pool table , the boss of party world was there too .quite a nice place to celebrity bday or chill out . actually this is my first time stepping into party world ;P . hahas .

super drunk , so make a move first as christina wanted to go other thai club continues her happening night ! hahas ...

last sunday helped baby on painting his room , having alot fun but dame tiring la. now his room look so much better and brighter !

last saturday with huiching baobei work tgt ^^
we let the company cheap us 40 buck because we are math idiot !after work chill at cien hongkong cafe and catch a movie . baby come and fetched me at morning 6 AM ;)

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