Monday, October 18, 2010

18 october 2010

It Time for me to get slim down !!!!!..

i swear i will this time , no more supper !

Meet up adeline to do nail at 1 pm .The demage bring to my nail and uncare by me ,
my nail is totally cui and CMI anymore ;( i will never go back to that fucking shop at far east level 3 again more ! the service there is totally suck to the max and low quality stuff !!!!!!

Anyway my nail now look so much better . but behind the pretty nail , 伤痕累累.

After that cabbed down to baby house again ! rolled home with baby went for basketball .

Night after baby finish his game , fetched me to bugis to meet up ethel to had steamboat . -Thumb up !


i realised that i got a phobia of getting a office job anymore but i hate Sale job . some people don;t really understand and may think why i don't find a job and keep spending . So what a big deal that i don;t get a job ? i hate people nag me the most ! .

lucky daddy and mummy understand me ;(

PS : Please please spare a minute of your time and help these little furkids out there.
(credit : Serene )

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