Friday, April 09, 2010

09 april 2010


my sweet bun morning come to my house 9am to accompany me to bring my brother to CMPB .we cabbed down and had our breakfast there while waiting for my brother .

accidentally took the wrong bus thank to my unless brother and went to orchard . settle my brother nonsense stuff and wasted many of our time and baby decided to protank his class at 3 pm to accompany me for the interview . ♥ so many company around 15 ? called and i only went for only 3 ! i such a lazy girl but can;t blame ok ! i wish to find a higher pay and near job ma . haha. back to baby house cook noodle and take a nap . supposed to meet chris at bishan at 4.30pm but rain heavily and i super sleepy so i postponed to sunday instead ! had a nightmare also like this not the first time and recently keep having nightmare too ;(

after that headed work alone as baby need to back to study again and don;t wish waste his time sending me off . had a great , fun relax night ;) supposed to meet the babes at zouk after that but i too tired and lazy cab down as it super waste time and money too ! mr ' P ' fetched me to aljunied mrt and drop him at yck mrt station and fatch me home where he live at east side , feel sorry to trouble him loh ..

* sudden miss the working days at aia where always had lunch with gangster girl and all the chi-chat ! OMG .~

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