Sunday, April 11, 2010

11 april 2010

BF for sale !
he is the best and the worst bf of all ! the worm of my stomache ;) hahas . he the only one that always there for me anytime , anywhere and draw a big smile on my face but also the one who always make me angry and pissed off ! so i decided to put him on sale since he already post nicely for his portfolio! hmmm one cent will do ? hahas

photo took on bishan library while doing my research on economic assignment ! i know i such a camwhore bitch . hehe .today waked up at noon 3 plus pm and had a lunch at home before head to bishan meet chris for my assignment . baby fetched me after that, we went to far east walk walk , punggol beach and marina country club . back to baby home first and mcmuffin for supper before home sweet home . hahas .

me and my baby boy . the book i borrow ! and because of this book i paid the ($8.55)fine owned for more than 3 years -_-'' . i going read the whole book before i RETURN back !!!! hahas

now beside blogging and twitter-ing , i still studying ok ! such a good girl . hehe

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