Saturday, April 03, 2010

3 april 2010 - jucies

so cute right ! yummy !

how are fruits and vegetables good for you ?
juices are natural blends for health and vitality . mix and match different kind of
fruits and vegetables to suit your needs and palates ! its can protects against ailments , nature's gift for beauty , perfect for slimming and reduces stress ;)

vitamin A is essential for good vision (manogo,watermelon,tomato,orange )vitamin B is necessary for metablic processes and cell growth & promotes healthy skin ,nail and hair .(papaya,durian,apple) vitamin C is critical for fair and radiant skin , also help to wound healing ,prevent flu and boosts immunity .(orange, longan,kiwi,strawberry)vitamin E is essential for health skin and juscious hair .(banana,avocado,corn)

strawberry ,carrot and lemon juice for bright and beautiful eyes . these help you prevent dark eye circle too .
guava & apply juice of comination help in reducing blemish .
chinese yam & apple yogurt as chinese yam regulates female hormoones and has beautifying effects .it is effective in stimulating breast development .
bananas good for relieving stress as contain tryptophan , a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin , which is known to help you relax and clam your nerves .

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