Monday, April 12, 2010

12 april 2010

i only slept 4 hours today and i so wake now ! i am a super women ;)
pack my stuff and start reading up my note . headache ok ! hahas .
meet up with 'FFB' at 3.30pm but both of us dragged till 5 pm and we trained at town to shopping . hahas. just love meet her up and walkwalk ;) had a KFC for dinner and head work straight ! tat night super lucky and relax too but i let myself and baby down again . feel gulity about it and i promise i will never did that again !

just hate copy cat and copy rat like YOU ! i along just using one kind of perfume which is Nina Ricci APPLE ;) my love ! now also want follow and hind behind myback -.- i sure that my mini nina ricci apple is you the one stolen it la becouse only you the only one where i place it , such a low class bitch . PUI !!!! why can.t you get your own life and more creative abit istead being a photocopy kind of people ?

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