Saturday, April 10, 2010

10 april 2010

today fucking busy day !!! hahas...

headed out to town meet the classmate they all for dinner at thai express .
den off to 313 meet huiching for awhile and meet buddy at cityhall cabbed down dolly put things and cabbed again to eat again -_- as his friend 20th birthday ! me with his another 18 more friends!

after that we divided into three groups and of course i will follow my buddy . hahas .
cabbed down to bugis there de thai pub called ''MANGO'' which all thai girls and boy is fucking CMI . actually should meet her and ivy but the other side got quite lot not that free so waited for huiching end work and fetch her tgt to zouk instead ;)

dance till my leg super sour la ! hahas . not much photo as all people hp is dead including myself who the first one dead off . hahas . homed and call my baby boy immediately ! fucking miss him ! he studies the whole day and had class till night 10 PM la ;( now already 7 am in the morning and i still very awake ! die lo , sure cannot wake up early again la la la ! haha

**seriously FUCKING hate that low educated and immature guy ! not even gentlemen at all actually should just call him a boy or little kid ! see his CB face make me dame pissed off .

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